Screw down crowns are the only really effective means of waterproofing. Many watches are marked water resistant - not waterproof. Supposedly OK for a shower but not to swim. Open to misinterpretation.

Can you repair it?

Yes, I repair all makes and types of watches; some watches I repair are of little monetary value, but very high sentimental value. ie. some Spitfire pilots from World War II still wear the watch they were wearing then. These watches have seen some service and are well worn - but can be restored.
Winding watches.
All timepieces should be wound up and run at least every 2 weeks. Watches were invented to keep going and when left too long in a state of rest, the oil will tend to get sticky.

Watch & Clock Material
I am constantly purchasing watches, clocks and associated items. These are being assessed all the time. The miscellania page features many of these items and will be regularly updated. In the near future, this page will be very comprehensive - but for the moment only the items listed are for sale.
Postal Service.
When posting watches to me for repair or appraisal, they should be enclosed in cardboard and sent in a sealed packet. Easiest way is to cut a piece out of a packing box - twice the size of the item being sent, fold in half, place watch inside and sellotape. Post Office will insure items in transit.

What is my watch worth?

Valuations can be found in the price guide by Shugart and Gilbert, or any good watch book from your local library. I cannot value any item I have not examined.